solution de palettisation collaborative

Cobotpal palettisation collaborative

COBOTPAL®, solution of collaborative palletization

Avantages of the solution COBOTPAL®

Palettization cell dedicated to one or more production lines :

  • Automatisation of low rate production lines
  • Up to two lines simultaneously
  • No stop to discharge the formed palettes
  • Optimized occupancy and profitability rates
  • Maximum speed in collaborative mode : 800 mm/s
  • Up to 8 cycles per minute

No security housing :

  • Adapted speed and conception of the robot
  • No dangerous elements
  • No safety distance to provide
  • Reduced footprint
  • Greater layout flexibility

Standard, modular and evolutionary conception :

  • Environmental and product adaptation
  • Multifunctional gripper designed for :
    - Picking up of multisized parcels up to 25 kg weight
    - Cardboard spacers
  • Planned for the use of multisized paletts up to 1800mm load height without adapting the bases of palettization
  • No mechanical adjustment between the productions
  • Possibility of mobile cell

interface homme machine Maestro productique

Man / Industrial Machine Interface :

  • Spervisory software PROMALYON integrated in the IHM tactile control : MAESTRO PRODUCTIQUE®
  • Integrate FLEXIPAL® and ALGOPAL® plug-in modules that allow for the creation of new products and user palletization patterns
  • Interface in French


 Vue miniature pour site Vue PALBOX pour fiche produit

Vue standard pour fiche produit Vue PALBOX pour fiche produit

Vue de dessus EN Vue PALBOX pour fiche produitPALBOX®, the compact and user-friendly palletizing robot

Palletizing is often the last phase in plant automation and the space left available for this operation is generaly reduced.

PROMALYON has designed the PALBOX® to concentrate essential palletizing robot functions in a compact cell. Thus, products, pallets, interlayers, covers and plastic layers are handled directly by the robot thanks to the MULTIGRIP® end-of-arm tool. 

Production lines are under constant evolution (change in layout, production relocation, throughput changes, etc.). For these reasons, the PALBOX® is mounted on a skid in order to be easily installed or moved. No more de-wiring/re-wiring, disassembling/re-assembling, re-learning of robot trajectories. You are free to relocate it without having to call our technical services.

Finally, its user-friendy FLEXIPAL® touch interface has been designed to give more autonomy and flexibility to the users when creating new palletizing patterns.

Palbox Promalyon moulins de la chaume


Gripping products with our MULTIGRIP® or by suction pads is regularly used to handle products; however, some applications require other solutions.

In order to bring answers to these new requirements and increase its product range, PML presents its ‘Fork’ gripper for robot palletising: the FORKGRIP®.

This gripper carries the product and places it on the pallet. During the robots displacement, the product is held by clamping. In the same way as our MULTIGRIP® the reliability of the FORKGRIP® is done by motorising its functions (Draw-in of forks and product clamping down).

Loyal to our concept of “multi-function gripper”, the FORKGRIP® can handle pallets, interlayers, as well as the product. The FORKGRIP® improves the reliability of your installations with a high level of performance.

The programme to follow and analyse production, Maestro Productique® is the ideal tool to optimise the communication between your production and your ERP system.

As a complement to your end of line equipment, Maestro Productique® collects information from this installation.
After treatment, the data locally available can then be transferred to your information system.

Maestro Productique® allows real time production follow-up and better performance analysis in making available pertinent data adapted to your specific activity:

  • Collection and data history
  • Production analysis
  • Performance supervision and analysis
  • Maintenance management
  • Batch tracking

Maestro Productique ® deals with up flowing and down flowing data (BOM, Quantities to be produced, SSCC codes, etc …)


In order to better serve your needs, PML launches their new MULTIGRIP® handling system for palletising robots. This unique concept “all in one” concentrates all functions (product, interlayer, pallet gripping …) on the robot, hence reducing peripheral robotic functions.

MULTIGRIP® improves your competitivity and the reliability of your installations as well as providing a high level of performance and speed of production.

The MULTIGRIP® is a patented PML product.


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